Chapter One / The Idea

What could be done next to add to the experience of visiting The Old Spud Warehouse? Well, how about making it fun for those who don't like to shop and would rather eat, drink, chat and watch a game on Saturday or those who need a great cup of coffee before, during or after shopping. Why not a grown-up hangout? Perfect!

Chapter Two / What do we call it?

When the decision was made in 2009 to open a lounge, a "name that bar" list was created. The first posted was the Bearded Dog. Many names were added and erased over the next couple of months - the Bearded Dog remained. It was the idea of Chef Chad Edwards. The dog that sparked his thought was the 14 year old pet of his parents, co-owners, Candi and Larry Edwards, who also own The Old Spud Warehouse.

Chapter Three / The Namesake

Sara, the bearded dog, is a German Wirehaired Pointer, or Drathaar. Her long chin hair is in sharp contrast to her uncharacteristically short hair. Not a good look in humans, but kind of endearing in dogs.

Chapter Four / Why two G's?

We really didn't want to serve our guests dog food. But dogg food, nibbles, sips and dogg bites seemed more gentle.

So, Welcome to the Bearded Dogg Lounge and thank you for helping us write our next chapter.

Candi, Larry, Chad and Renee Edwards

picture of delicous salad